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Specialties: Our company will rent you a class B fully equipped RV for for only $149.00 a day. Or a RV with power slide outs (That is when you push a button and the wall moves out giving you more room.) for$189.00 a day or a 2 slide out RV that sleeps 8 for $259.00 a day or a 40' Diesel pusher (The Ultimate) with 3 Super Slide outs fully Loaded including a washing Machine and Dryer for $359.00 a day or the Super Mega Diesel with 2 wall slide outs that sleeps 10 for $459.00 a day Established in 2016. We are a company that rents small RV to Mega Luxury Motorhomes We are one of the Largest Renter to the motion picture industry for movie shoots,Commercials, Big films and small film Our RVs are great for Make up Dressing rooms or just a trip to one of our great Parks


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